Why It’s Important to Repair Asphalt Cracks

When it comes to your driveway or parking lot, taking preventive action against damage is always better than trying to repair a significant problem. Cracks in asphalt are one of the most prominent warning signs of more significant problems down the road, so keeping up with necessary repairs should be at the top of your priority list. But why exactly is it essential to prioritize repairing asphalt cracks? This blog post will detail why you should repair asphalt cracks and how to take care of cracks before they become potholes and other serious issues. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Repair Asphalt Cracks?

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Cracks Allow Water to Penetrate

Asphalt cracks can be unsightly, dangerous, and damaging to the environment. They create a gateway for water to penetrate below the asphalt surface, which can lead to more intense erosion and further damage. This can mean requiring additional repairs in the future that require significant resources, such as time, energy, and money. Asphalt cracking should be taken seriously and immediately addressed to prevent these serious consequences so that roads, driveways, parking lots, etc., look better and are safe to travel on. Taking steps to repair asphalt cracks reduces the risk of further water damage.

Cracks Weaken the Asphalt

Asphalt cracks weaken the asphalt, causing more severe problems like potholes and frost heave. Constant exposure to water can seep through the tiny open spaces let in by the cracks, creating a situation conducive to erosion of the surface and any underlying materials. When this happens, it must be fixed quickly before it worsens if the asphalt is to remain safe for use. Re-paving or resurfacing is often necessary for asphalt with many large or deep cracks and may be more cost-effective than frequent repairs. Taking some preventative measures, like pavement sealcoating or repairing asphalt cracks, will protect your asphalt and help it last much longer.

Cracks Can Damage Vehicles

One of the worst experiences for drivers is seeing a cracked piece of asphalt unexpectedly damage their vehicle. Potholes or unevenly paved roads can cause tires to blow out, leading to an expensive repair job. In some cases, individuals may even experience damage in the form of underbody scrapes or dents from dangerously placed asphalt fragments. It’s even more troubling that such issues are often impossible to avoid, as cracks are often hard to see until it’s too late. Faulty asphalt poses a serious threat both from a safety and financial standpoint, which makes it all the more important for road maintenance personnel to keep our roads safe by routinely checking for worn-down areas and taking action when necessary. Keep your vehicle protected by repairing asphalt cracks.

Cracks Increase Maintenance Costs

Repairs to asphalt surfaces caused by weather-related cracking and substandard repairs cost thousands of dollars annually. Repair costs can easily double if proactive steps aren’t taken ahead of time. The best way to reduce maintenance costs associated with cracking asphalt is to regularly inspect roads and parking lots for problem areas, fill any minor cracks before they become major problems, sealcoat every two to three years, and immediately repair asphalt cracks, pavement settlements, or depressions that may contribute to surface deterioration over time.

Cracks Lower Property Values

Homeowners should be aware of the risks associated with asphalt cracks, which can seriously decrease a property’s value. Asphalt, being an affordable and popular paving material, is prone to cracking due to long-term exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture. If left unchecked, the cracks can become an eyesore and are often seen as a sign that the property has been neglected. Whether preparing for sale or just striving for an aesthetically pleasing look, repairing asphalt cracks is critical to prevent further damage and maintain property value.

Cracks Cause Accidents

Asphalt cracks cause a significant hazard to motorists. Over time, the expansion and contraction of the asphalt with temperature changes form noticeable cracks on the surface. These cracks can become deeper and potentially dangerous to drivers if left unrepaired. Without proper maintenance, cars may dip into those crevices or even lose control. As a result, accidents can occur quickly and, unfortunately, often do. To prevent any unfortunate events from happening, it’s crucial for street authorities to repair asphalt cracks.

Cracks Are Unsightly

Asphalt cracks can cause many people to feel slight embarrassment if it’s visible in an area their visitors or clients frequent. These pesky crevices can be both unappealing and hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, they are a source of frustration for car owners forced to navigate them daily, leading to costly vehicle repairs down the line. It is essential to regularly repair asphalt cracks before they get fully out of hand to ensure that safety and aesthetic standards are upheld properly.

Cracks Allow Vegetation to Grow

Asphalt cracks can also allow vegetation to grow. When water penetrates the cracks, it can reach the soil beneath the asphalt, allowing plants to take root. Once vegetation starts growing in cracks, it can further damage the asphalt and make repairs more difficult and costly. Repair asphalt cracks quickly after they are noticed to avoid vegetation growing through!

How We Repair Asphalt Cracks

Crack filling is a method of asphalt maintenance that can help extend your surface’s life and prevent further damage. It works by sealing any breaks or cracks in the pavement, stopping moisture and debris from penetrating the surface. An asphalt crack filler is applied over an area that has already been cleaned and prepared. Using a flexible sealant helps bridge any small gaps between pieces of asphalt while also helping to keep water out. After allowing a certain amount of time for drying, traffic can return to the surface, ensuring it remains safe and intact for years.

Repair asphalt cracks as soon as possible to prevent further damage and deterioration. Crack repair is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your asphalt pavement and prevent more significant problems, such as potholes or complete failures, from occurring. We offer our customers a wide variety of services, including asphalt crack repair. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free quote.