Line Striping & Pavement Marking​

Professional Line Striping and Pavement Marking in Fredericksburg VA

Do you Need Professional Parking Lot Line Striping and Pavement Marking?

Sealcoating 2.0 will provide Crisp Clear Lines and Markings that comply with all lot regulations, not only enhancing safety but will also making your parking lots and pavement areas more attractive and inviting!

So whatever your line striping and pavement needs may be … we can help!
For example:

  • Lines and markings that are adequate, correct, easily visible, straight and clear for safe pedestrian as well as safe vehicle traffic
  • Lines and markings to improve or comply with local regulations (e.g., Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Lines and markings that have No Parking, Fire Lanes and Disabled Parking areas clearly marked
  • Lines and markings that are not poor marked and can potentiall leve you vulnerable to litigation
  • Lines and markings that are make a strong positive impression to your visitors and customers

Our Pavement Marking and Line Striping Services Include … New Layout, Stencils New Striping, New Markings and Re-Stiping for …

  • Commercial Facilities (Offices & Office Parks, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Supermarkets
  • Apartments, Condos,Indoor Parking Facilities
  • Churches, Funeral Homes
  • Schools, Etc.

Our Quality Services Are 100% Guaranteed … Long Lasting

At Sealcoating 2.0 LLCwe always use the best industial strength asphalt pavement sealers. These product a commercial grade and specifically designed to withstand frequent use and the toughest climate conditions. Our #1 goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we guarantee all of our work.